Heshan National Mine Park

“Centennial coal city, Colorful Heshan”

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About Park


Heshan National Mining Park is located beside Hongshui river and its area is 18.3 km2 in total, which is composed of Dongkuang scenic area and Lilan scenic area. This park is a comprehensive mine park which is dominantly by mining relics display and mining production experience, and complementally by sports, Hongshui river tourism, rare stone cultural appreciation and feelings experience of Yao, with natural landscape, human landscape, as well as scientific investigation, popular science education, sightseeing tour, leisure and entertainment.

Heshan has a long mining history, and mining heritages is rich and varied in kinds with high science value. Heshan is a famous coal city in Guangxi, its coal mining began from thirty-one years of Guangxu Emperor in Qing Dynasty (1905), and is already more than 100 years.

This park has beautiful natural scenery, abundant human landscape and ecological resources, with high historical and cultural value. Hongshuihe, the west boundary of the park, has beautiful scenery with green ripples, which breeds famous “Heshan stone”, and makes people surprised. The Nanhong reservoir, with pleasant scenery, witnessed the legendary history of mining under water of Heshan man. Culture festivals with rich regional characteristics, Wedding rituals of Zhuang and Yao man are all extremely precious cultural heritages of minorities preserved for hundreds of years.

The whole mining park divides into two scenic areas and nine main functional areas. And the Dongkuang scenic area includes mining heritages protection and comprehensive service area, underground coal mining process experience area, Coal gangue theme park and large sports recreation area, Nanhong reservoir water-friendly recreation area and jungle exploration and ecological oxygen bar; and the Lilan scenic area includes Coal gangue park and integrated service area, rare stone cultural appreciation area, Hongshui river scenery and leisure tourism belt, folk customs experience area.