Heshan National Mine Park

“Centennial coal city, Colorful Heshan”


Protection methods and measures of mining heritage protection


As we lack laws and regulations about mining heritage protection currently, we should refer to laws relating to similar protection projects, enforce regulations for the management of geological heritages protection issued by the state, obey laws, regulations and departmental rules about heritage landscape and resources, and standardize development, protection and management. Moreover, according to the park’s conditions, the management department of the park should make relevant mining heritage protection regulations, improve legal supervision mechanism and implement responsibility system to strengthen law enforcement, so that the protection of mining heritage can be successfully implemented.

Administrative management

(1) Coordinated by the Heshan Municipal Government, with unified planning, unified management and orderly development. Every department should each a common understanding and work together.

(2) Set up special mining heritage protection management group.

(3) Coordinate local economy development with mining heritage protection. Make full use of the tourism function of mining heritage landform to promote tourism and economy development.

(4) Give full play to the subjective initiative of residents to protection mining relics. Fully mobilize natives’ consciousness and enthusiasm to protect mining relics more effectively.

Science Popularization Education

We will strengthen the propaganda of mining knowledge, take the mining heritages as the main promotion media, carry out scientific popularization activities which are easy to understand, accept and participate among the tourists and local residents, advocate scientific methods and improve the scientific literacy and knowledge level of all the people.

Through various popular science activities, we carry out education campaigns to make the masses and tourists realize the significance of mining heritage resources and the economic benefits brought by them, improve the consciousness of protecting mining heritages and protect the mining heritages effectively.

Scientific Guidance

Carry on the comprehensive protection to the surface and the underground mining heritages. Use the scientific means to guide the protection project, especially the protection and the tourism development of underground roadway. Based on the status of the mining heritages in Heshan National Mining Park, organize experts in tourism development, safety engineering, geotechnical engineering and mining engineering to compile method system of mining heritage protection, and to carry out geo-environment protection project in accordance with this system.