Heshan National Mine Park

“Centennial coal city, Colorful Heshan”

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    Mining history and other heritage development[2018-03-21]

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    Remains of mining activities[2018-03-21]

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    Remains of mining production activities[2018-03-21]

Mining heritage

Mining Geological Relic

  1. Fossil: including Permophricodothyris Pavlova, Pseudotirolites laibinensis(sp. nov.) and so on, a large number of ammoniferous fossils are developed in the Dalong Formation (P2d) formation in this area, and typical outcrops of this group of fossils are retained along the road between GD01 and Nanhong Reservoirs.

Permophricodothyris Pavlova Fossil

Pseudotirolites laibinensis(sp. nov.) Fossil(Fengqing Yang,1979)

  1. Geological section: Late Permian Heshan Formation sedimentary facies stratigraphic section (Mudan profile, goose profile), the two sections due to the construction of the bridge arch power station has been submerged by the Red River. Only the relevant records are saved, including the typical sections of the Heshan Formation and the Dalong Formation. In the inspection report, the sedimentary environment, the stratigraphic relationship and the geological causes of the main strata in Heshan are introduced in detail.


  1. Coal outcrop: Heshan coal-bearing strata, coal 6 layers. May be five coal seam mining, four coal on the lower and three seam. The top and bottom of the coal seam are limestone and feldspathic limestone. The coal of Heshan coalfield is mostly lean coal, with the best quality of five coal, the fourth coal and the third coal are bituminous coal with high sulfur content, high ash content and low calorific value. The coal seam of Heshan Formation has more surface and underground outcrops, especially underground tunnels, revealing three coal, four coal and five coal.


Four coal seam outcrops

These relics are rare and precious. They are of great significance to the study of geological structure and the formation and evolution of Heshan coalfield in southeastern Guangxi, and are of great scientific value. They are important sites for mining park mining relics and museum displays.