Heshan National Mine Park

“Centennial coal city, Colorful Heshan”

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    Mining history and other heritage development[2018-03-21]

  • Remains of mining activities

    Remains of mining activities[2018-03-21]

  • Remains of mining production activities

    Remains of mining production activities[2018-03-21]

Mining heritage

Remains of mining production activities

The two parks in the mine park are mainly the Lilan Mine and the Dongkuang Mine respectively. Lilan mine is the history of Heshan mining earlier, is a typical closed pit abandoned mines, Lilan mine is located in the heart of Heshan City, has been suspended mining for many years, left behind by mining heap, wellhead are the main mining activity remains. East mine has now been completely shut down, upstairs structures, borehole and underground tunnels are well preserved, preserved mining activity remains intact system, with good scientific research and education value.

Heshan a hundred years of coal mining history, retained a large number of mining activity remains, including the “Heshan first mine” as the representative of the alley, tunnel site; shaft system, mining system, upgrade transport system, ventilation system, power supply system, Drainage system and other production support systems, as well as business facilities and other facilities. There are many important mining relics, which is a good place for scientific research and science popularization.

(1)Heshan Mine: In 1905, the first coal mine, “Heling Mountain Mine”, was built on the hill of Beihe Mountain, Heshan City. It was the first coal mine in Guangxi at that time and was named “Heshan” for the name of Heshan for short. One is from this, and has been in use so far, is also the name of this coal-born city. Heshan mine was established in 1933, renamed the mine in 1948.Today, there are still preserved the construction of the mine, for the construction of stone and yellow mud mixed building.

(2)Lilan Mine:It was built in June 1944, 2000 stop mining. The Sri Lankan mine supplies much-needed coal for anti-Japanese fossil fuel supply. The distribution of the main roadways and goafs in the mine is shown in Figure 3-13. The remaining sites for mining production on the ground are the Central Rilan Substation, the wellhead and the gangue heap .


(3)Dongkuang Mine: In 1948, Heshan Company developed the Niulan Ridge and the Deziling Ridge Coal and set up the mines. Because it is located in the east of the old Heshan Mine, it is named East Mine. In 1951, the leading agency of Heshan Mine relocated from Laoshe Mountain to East Mine and directly managed the work of the mine.

The Dongkuang Mine is a mining area with the largest design capacity, the highest output and the better hydrogeological conditions in the seven production mines of Heshan Coal Mine Company. In May 1949, it built 4.22 km of East Railway Line Extension and connected with Laibin Railway. Set two pairs of production mines, of which the new inclined shaft for the first Jiangnan Jiang transport belt of medium-sized mine, the section 13.m2, length 1896 meters, using steel belt to enhance the belt length of 1980 meters, 1.2 meters wide, speed 1.35 M / s, transport capacity of 350 tons / hour.

Dongkuang mineral production remains intact, including coal preparation plant, inclined shaft, Hirai and so on. It is worth mentioning that the distribution of Hendong largest coal gangue pile, planning through the geological environment management, gangue heap can be transformed into a mine park theme park.