Heshan National Mine Park

“Centennial coal city, Colorful Heshan”

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  • Mining history and other heritage development

    Mining history and other heritage development[2018-03-21]

  • Remains of mining activities

    Remains of mining activities[2018-03-21]

  • Remains of mining production activities

    Remains of mining production activities[2018-03-21]

Mining heritage

Remains of mining activities

Heshan is the oldest coal mine in Guangxi and retains the remains of mining activities that used coal, coal and coal at different times. Including mining tools, transport tracks, coal locomotives, power plants and mining related social life facilities.

(1)Coal mining facilities: coal mining machinery, light house, gas monitoring portable equipment;

(2)Coal handling equipment: narrow gauge railway, steam train, dump truck, belt conveyor, transport truck, etc. ;


(3)Coal Utilization: Heshan Power Plant and Coal Gangue Comprehensive Utilization Zone .


(4)Mining-related social life facilities: He Shan mining area schools, hospitals, staff activity centers and nursing homes. The landscapes related to mining event life in Heshan National Mine Park include the site of Guangxi Coal School and the site of the miners’ sanatorium .